Logicare unveils ‘LogiNext’ for professional last-mile delivery service for Sri Lankan retailers

Logicare Private Limited, leading logistics solutions provider, announces the launch of its new service, LogiNext, a last mile delivery platform that is now available to retailers to enhance their online shopping experience for customers. Last-mile delivery service enables retailers to enjoy a delivery service that will call the customer, pick up and deliver the product without the need to have their own delivery partner. LogiNext assists online merchants to manage and grow their businesses while offering integrated logistics solutions ranging from order fulfillment, last-mile delivery to return management. Global e-commerce sales have seen a steady growth over the past few years and spiked in 2020 due to the stay-at-home orders and concerns over exposure to COVID-19 prevented shoppers from visiting retail locations. Consequently, e-commerce sales are expected to grow despite the full recommencement of brick-and-mortar operators as majority of consumers will reportedly stick to online shopping even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. LogiNext hopes to leverage on this growing trend. Having already partnered with some of the fast-growing e-commerce retailers who are looking to increase customer satisfaction through order accuracy and speed of delivery, LogiNext’s vision is to become the leader in the e-commerce order fulfillment and last-mile delivery in Sri Lanka. The company is backed by Logicare’s expertise in Warehousing, Transportation, Value Added Services, On-Site Management, Order fulfillment & Last-mile delivery for ecommerce, Yard Storage and Supply Chain Consultancy services.

Elaborating further, Almaaz Ahamed, Manager – Strategy and Growth of Logicare said “Our team of logistics experts work with our clients to determine the right fulfilment and last-mile delivery strategy to meet the needs of their growing businesses. We have resources such as a sufficient workforce to do all the picking and packing, strategically located warehouses to store inventory, and delivery networks to ship orders to customers’ doorsteps. More importantly, as the most technologically advanced 3PL provider in the market, we do it at scale and with a better suite of technologies to implement it in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way.”

A seamless, well-executed delivery makes a strong impression on the end customer and that perfect delivery experience often translates into loyalty for both B2B and B2C relationships. Therefore, the right fulfillment and delivery strategy is vital for the success of online businesses. Even though an in-house fulfillment strategy allows e-commerce retailers to control their entire fulfillment and delivery process, complications would arise when they start fulfilling a large number of orders from all over the country. A poor delivery experience can quickly turn a great shopping interaction into a lost customer and negative reviews that will impact sales for years to come. Therefore, many fast-growing online retailers have realized that the most efficient way out is by outsourcing fulfillment and delivery to a reliable third-party logistics company. Outsourcing fulfillment can eliminate the logistics headaches of the online businesses and they can get back to what’s important: running their business.

Saminda Deshapriya – CEO of Logicare adds further “Same-day delivery is a game changer because it combines the immediate product availability of bricks-and-mortar stores with the convenience of ordering from home. Online retailers are expected to benefit from reduced delivery time, as the demand is expected to increase significantly given the compelling value proposition of same-day delivery for consumers.”

LogiNext’s world class technology platform can be seamlessly integrated for input and output of data with any ERP system or e-commerce application which assists in fast, accurate and efficient fulfillment process whilst enabling end-to-end visibility from order to delivery to all stakeholders.

Logicare is backed by renowned investors such as Ceylon Tea Brokers PLC, the second-largest tea broking company in Sri Lanka in terms of value and the first stand-alone Tea Broking Company to be listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange; Capital Alliance Group, a full-service Investment Bank Licensed Primary Dealer, Stockbroker and Fund Manager – a leading player in the financial markets of Sri Lanka; and Jetwing Travels, a part of the Jetwing portfolio of companies and one of the top destination management companies in Sri Lanka.

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