Logicare Team Picture

Combining Human Expertise with
State-Of-The-Art Logistics Technology

“New algorithms are improving logistics, but the human touch remains important.”

We believe that the best logistics solutions are built by combining human expertise with state-of-the-art logistics technology. People are the most natural contact point for customers, and their logistics expertise enables proactive and solution-orientated exception handling. Therefore, at Logicare, we consider our people as our most valuable asset.

Our mission is to build technology-driven digital supply chain platforms for all our clients which assist them in maximizing customer value and gaining a completive advantage in their respective marketplaces. One of the ways we will fulfill this ambition is through an unwavering commitment to a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. Logicare is an equal-opportunity employer, and we hire and develop the best and most diverse talent.

We ensure, a career at Logicare will make a transformational experience that drives you beyond your true potential.